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Dad, I Love You.

by John Yoder

2/ 08/2014





























This story, and the young woman’s reaction to her dream, touched my heart deeply that night. It’s what GLUE Ministries is all about. Many people objectify the men we meet in red light districts, giving them names like 'johns', 'perverts', 'sex-pats', and worse...but we see them as someone's father, brother, son, husband etc. Many times we hear men share about their estrangements with loved ones, and our desire is to see those relationships restored as only Christ can do through His redemptive Spirit dwelling inside us and them.

I have no doubt that the dream was spiritual, and the man depicted on the poster is out there somewhere, about to be touched by the One who sends us into the streets for that very purpose. It will be up to this father whether or not to respond to his child’s simple yet powerful expression of love, forgiveness, and desire to see him again; where he belongs. Our prayer...our hope, if it hasn’t happened already, is that we get to be the next method which the Holy Spirit uses to bring this man back home : not only to his children and family that love and miss him dearly, but also to his heavenly Father, who loves him so much, he gave this dream and inspiration to act (create and place the posters) to one of His servants, to let him know that ‘real love’ still exists for him, and is ready for the taking when he’s ready to leave.

On a recent outreach evening, we were blessed to have a team from ‘Youth With A Mission’ join us in our prayer center at The Message Parlour, and in several red light districts of Phnom Penh. One of the young volunteers from the YWAM team told me a story of a girl on their team who had a dream one night that her dad was in one of Southeast Asia's red light districts. But as she approached her dad in the dream, he turned out to be someone else. When she woke up, she could remember the man's face vividly; so she sketched a series of posters of him, and has placed them in red light districts in Vietnam and here in Cambodia, with the simple words: "Dad I love you, come home".