GLUE Ministries began in May 2013, as an extension of an outreach ministry to western men, which founder John Yoder was already doing in the red light districts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia with MST Project Phnom Penh since early 2010. After being invited to one of Phnom Penh's night clubs by a man who John met during an MST Project outreach, he and another MST volunteer visited the club shortly after. While the man they came to see was busy with tasks at the club, John and his friend sat on bar stools next to men who were by themselves and struck up conversations (just as they've been doing for years on the streets with MST Project).

John found that some he engaged with had a lot to share about their life, much that he himself could relate to, and so he decided to suggest bars and nightclubs as other possible outreach locations for his fellow MST Project volunteer's outreach to western men in the red light districts. After a discussion with MST Project leadership in Bangkok, Thailand, and a period of prayer by both John and MST's founder; seeking spiritual direction, a decision was made that MST Project would not begin reaching out to men in private establishments at that time, which has always been their policy. They felt that going into bars was still something they might be willing to consider and pursue, but wanted to take their time to really go through the pro’s and con’s of the decision as it was a completely new method of outreach; so John founded GLUE Ministries as something he and others, who have a heart for western ex-pats or tourists, could do on nights when they weren't volunteering with MST Project Phnom Penh.

In July 2013, MST Project Bangkok announced that their Phnom Penh chapter was suspending outreach activities indefinitely, so John and other MSTPPP volunteers continued the same ministry under
The Message Parlour’s umbrella temporarily, eventually deciding that GLUE Ministries would be The Message Parlour’s official street and bar outreach ministry to western men in Phnom Penh; availing themselves to western men who might need a friend for a few minutes, an hour, or long term.

PDF of a newspaper article from ‘The Cambodia Daily’ describing John’s and other MST Project Phnom Penh volunteers’ outreach activities in the early days of the ministry.